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Naira Bread is soft, dense, stretchy, and oh so delicious. Come let us give you an experience in taste that you will not soon forget. Look below for menu items Naira Bread offer.

Big Sizes

White Loaf

White Slice Loaf

Small Size

Onibeji (Twin) loaf

Need authentic, fresh Nigeria soft, delicious Agege style bread for an event? Please contact us 48 hours ahead of your desired time.

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 Address: 2565 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY  Phone: 1-646-493-4065  Email:

Naira Bread discover the goodness inside

New York is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnic minorities. Finding great food in the Big Apple can be as simple as stepping out your own front door. Our goal is to add to that diversity, and offer something that even the Empire State knows little about.

During our world travels, we've had the opportunity to meet a host of unique individuals and peoples that have changed the way we view the very world. Being a native of Lagos Nigeria, I had the opportunity to grow up around the traditional making of this amazing staple. The smell of baking bread would fill my house as a child, and that my friends, is a memory that I never forgot.

Moving to the States has been a fantastic opportunity, yet nostalgia and fond memories of my home drove me to decision to bring a little piece of Nigeria to the U.S.A. Naira Bread hosts a menu of breads that can be found nowhere else in the city. Our bakery offers Nigeria soft, delicious bread in various sizes. We are proud to present our products for the enjoyment of your home and family. So, come on over to Naira Bakery and discover the goodness inside.